Epic to Mythic Domination: 4 Overpowered Heroes in Mobile Legends

People who play Mobile Legends often don’t give Epic heroes enough credit, but guess what? Some of them are now playing at the hardest level, Mythic, showing how good they are.

Let’s dive into the world of Mobile Legends and find the 4 Epic heroes that are too strong for Mythic.


Mythic Roamer Tigreal in Mobile Legends: Epic Tank to Mythic Roamer

The Story of Tigreal’s Journey:

This amazing change has happened to Tigreal, which is an Epic-tier tank. He’s no longer just a tank in the Mythic tier; he’s become a great roamer.

In Mythic’s fast-paced fights, Tigreal is a force to be reckoned with because he can change his strategies and keep the crowd under control. While Tigreal used to only be a tank, it is now making waves as a smart and flexible roamer.

Epic Midlaner Nana Soars to SS Tier

Nana’s Heroic Rise to SS Level:

Nana, a hero from the Epic tier, has become a famous and powerful midlaner in Mythic and has risen to the SS tier.

Nana is now a powerhouse in the midlane after getting some new skills. Mythic fights are going crazy for her ability to direct large groups of people and deal magical damage all at once. As Nana has shown, heroes from Epic can do very well in the top levels of Mobile Legends.

This is Hanabi: MM Epic Dominating in Mythic

Epic to Mythic Triumph by Hanabi:

Hanabi used to be an Epic-level marksman, but now he is a Mythic-level legend.

Mythic players love this MM (Marksman) because she does so much damage and has some really cool skills. Hanabi has a lot of skills that let her control the battlefield and win TOGELASIABET even the hardest Mythic battles. She is live proof that Epic heroes can do well in Mythic-level fights where the competition is high.

Now Mythic Dominator, Dyrroth is an epic fighter

The Epic to Mythic Conquest of Dyrroth:

Once a Fighter in the Epic level, Dyrroth has now risen to become a true Mythic leader.

Dyrroth, who is known for being very angry and having strong attacks, has moved up to the top level of Mobile Legends. It’s hard for Mythic opponents to beat him because of his skills and the way he plays strategically. Dyrroth’s rise from Epic to Mythic shows how powerful heroes in the Epic level can be.

Heroes of the Epic Rise in Mythic Glory

These four Epic-level heroes have done what no one thought they could do and become powerful contenders in the tough world of Mythic. Fans of Mobile Legends are seeing these heroes rise to great heights, showing that their tier roots don’t limit how high they can go.

These heroes are still winning Mythic fights, which is a good reminder that Mobile Legends is a dynamic game where heroes you wouldn’t expect can shine the best. Which Epic hero do you want to use in your Mythic quests? Watch out for surprises and ideas as you follow these heroes through the world of Mobile Legends.

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